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While you can contact the lender directly and try to negotiate your own loan, it is more often than not yielding the most favorable results, if any. This is due to the lack of experience, not knowing the lender’s procedures and qualification guidelines, and more importantly, unable to hold the lenders accountable for their actions.

Oasis Credit Services was created in 2007 to help individuals who are seeking help with important financial issues. Thus, we understand all cases are unique and that each person will need a tailored solution based on their specific needs. Our staff consists of professionals with several years of mortgage and real estate experience. We understand how a lender inside process works and how to negotiate for the homeowner to receive the most beneficial results.

All of our information and consultations are given freely without any obligation to determine if you qualify for a program with your lender. If you do not meet the criteria for a loan modification we will guide you on the best option for you and your family. We have relationships with professional consultants and financial experts nationwide.

We have a high success rate with our files and are proud of helping homeowners across the United States to retain their home. Even if you have been turned down before, we can restructure and resubmit your file.